Our Team

Mirage spa in Jumeirah has a qualified team of seven most talented and expert massage therapists in Dubai. Every spa therapist here makes our clients’ comfort and health a priority. Some of our masseuses have been working here since the very opening of the Massage and Spa center two years ago. All of them are totally skilled, fully licensed, and have extensive professional backgrounds.

We know how hard it can be to select a massage therapy from the long list of available options, especially if you visit Mirage Spa in Jumeirah for the first time. Don’t hesitate to ask our massage therapists for a piece of advice. They are always ready to listen to your particular requests. They will examine your health conditions and specific demands to offer the most appropriate treatment, particularly for you.

Every certified massage therapist in Mirage Spa is capable of implementing several massage techniques of top quality. They know how to rub, tap, and stimulate your muscles with fingers, forearms, palms, and elbows correctly, without any harm to your body. Our therapists are also skilled in operating various massage tools like face rollers, bamboo sticks, and hot stones for your deep relaxation. Besides, they can easily pick an appropriate essential oil for aromatherapy according to your individual requirements. We guarantee you can trust our great massage therapists with your health and leisure.

The team of experienced therapists in Russian Spa in Dubai can provide both relaxation massage and healing therapy, as well! Apart from unwinding and relieving stress, at Miragespa, you can treat your health issues like tight muscles, headaches, or chronic spinal aches. Massage therapists in Mirage can do sports massage, deep tissue massage, back massage, and wellness massage. It is needless to search for other massage centers with healing therapy or relaxation spa. Therapists in Mirage spa can do all of the most demanded massage types here, under the same roof.

Mirage Spa boasts three cozy and well-equipped massage rooms, a healing sauna, a refreshing pool, and a fabulous Moroccan Bath. Regardless of the spa service and room that you select, our spa therapists will do their best to make your visit to Mirage a pleasant and memorable experience!