Best Aroma Massage in Dubai

AED 420 60 min
AED 580 90 min

Aroma massage affects the human body quite simply: the nose and nerve endings perceive aromas of essential oils and send a certain signal to the human brain. After that the pituitary gland starts to produce different kinds of hormones, which cause a relaxing or stimulating effect (depending on the used essential oil).

Before the start of the session, the aromatherapist asks the client questions that not only help to identify the true needs of the patient, but also to determine whether he has any allergies. Only then is the appropriate essential oil selected. To increase the effectiveness of the massage Dubai, highly concentrated essential oils are usually mixed with a base massage oil. The procedure itself is carried out in exactly the same way as a regular relaxing massage. The only slight difference is that the master usually warms the chosen aromatic compositions in the palms of his hands and lets the client breathe in the fragrance at the beginning of the procedure and at the end. It is possible to treat all parts of the body - from head to toe, and the technique of aroma massage does not differ from the usual one and includes stroking, rotating, pinching, massaging, etc.


  • For diseases of the upper respiratory tract.
  • For cold and headache
  • For rheumatism and muscle pain
  • Digestive disorders
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Long flights
  • In cases of nervous system disorders - insomnia, depression, stress, phobias, etc.

Number of procedures: it is better to undergo a course of procedures in order to achieve a more sustainable effect, but improvement is noticeable even after one session.

Result: better skin and metabolism, stimulated blood circulation, reduced muscle tension and pain, improved immunity, better feelings.

Rehabilitation period: none.

Painful sensations: pleasant.

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