European Massage

Relaxing massage treatments are proven to reduce stress, relieve aches and pains, and improve your overall well-being. One of the most common types of massage is European massage. This is a spa treatment that can be received at a professional massage center, such as Mirage Spa in Jumeirah. Our European spa and massage services can bring deep relaxation and a state of calmness.

All of the amazing deals on massage therapy can be found in our European massage center in Dubai, Jumeirah area. Have a luxury spa massage experience by entrusting your body to the hands of professional masseuses.

European Massage Dubai

At the Mirage Spa massage center, one will find various types of spa offers. This is a European and Russian massage center and spa in Dubai that specializes in relaxation massage, wellness massage, healing massage, and many other forms of special massage. A massage session can last 60 min or 90 min, depending on your preferences.

Options of European Dubai Massage

A European massage spa session can be performed by implementing different techniques:

  • If you prefer Swedish massage, then our specialists will make sure that you get the proper spa treatment. This is the best European massage to get if you want to improve the circulation of blood and lymph, get the whole body relaxed, and relieve all the tight muscles. This massage technique usually involves massage oil, and you can also specify if you want to add some essential oil or not.
  • Speaking of essential oils, this Euro spa Dubai also offers aromatherapy massage. The massage center can provide you with the services of aromatic oil massage, which is the best for achieving harmony between your body and mind. The smell of essential oils and soothing movements of the licensed massage therapist's palms help in relieving muscle tension and even getting rid of a headache. If you ask for some specific oils, like the lavender one, for example, you will get better sleep as a result of your body therapy.
  • Another European spa option is the deep tissue massage. Although not suitable for everybody due to the pressure-point technique, these massages are extremely effective for those who have chronic pain. The deep tissue method is also great for those who have back pain or discomfort because of some other health conditions. The massage not only relaxes the muscles but also goes to their deeper tissues and relieves the connective tissue.

These massage techniques are performed with no additional massage tools except lotion or oil. The massage therapist usually uses rhythmic, rubbing, and gliding movements of a palm, elbow, and forearm to achieve the best result.

Some Other European Massage Services

There are even more full-body massages that one can choose from.

  • For instance, you can experience stone therapy in the best spa in Dubai. You get a back massage with the hot stones gently moving around your upper and lower back covered in oil. The hot stone massage stimulates muscular tension relief and blood flow. Moreover, it stimulates lymphatic drainage because of the circulatory movements that are common to hot stone massage.
  • At Mirage, a Europe massage center in Dubai, you can also get scalp, neck, and facial massage. Some special attention is paid to massaging hands and feet as well. Thus, after several sessions, you can get your entire body to work like a brand new one.
  • If you have come to the European massage center with your significant other, there is a couple's massage for you. You can get a massage and spa treatment together in the same room. Two therapists will do your couples massage simultaneously.
  • If you do sports regularly, then attending a sports massage might be a good idea. It helps to improve blood circulation and relieve sore muscles in athletes. It can be a hand massage or a spinal one, depending on the client's wish.

Massage services at Mirage Spa European massage center include many other options at affordable rates. One can experience a bamboo massage or some special relaxing massage as well.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage and spa can be very beneficial to your body. They affect the way the whole organism functions, not only the muscles.

After visiting a massage center in Dubai, you will feel the following positive effects:

  • Relaxed muscles;
  • Calmed nervous system;
  • Improved posture;
  • Soft skin as a result of hydrating oils;
  • An increased amount of oxygen in the blood and better blood circulation;
  • Better state of your mind-body connection.

There are many other benefits that can improve your health just after one visit to the European Massage center. Just imagine how much your state of health will improve after systematic massage treatments!

Experience of Mirage Spa Center

If you are in Dubai, and you start looking for such things as "European massage near me" or "European spa near me," then you surely need to go to the Mirage massage center (Dubai, Jumeirah).

When visiting the Mirage Spa center, you can expect the most relaxing experience ever. As you step inside, you see globally inspired spa rooms in neutral tones that make your eyes rest as well. You will also hear calming music that helps you to get rid of all the unnecessary thoughts and focus on unparalleled relaxation. Uplifting aromas and soothing steam will only enhance the calming effects as you breathe in the soft smell of mandarin and lemongrass.

Nothing will distract you from the process of getting yourself relaxed at this European massage center. Our wellness spa rooms have nothing excessive, only the best massaging tools and soft towels for your comfort. Thus, you can forget about the world outside for the time of your session; meanwhile, professional massage therapists will do their best to make sure you are as relaxed as possible.

Mirage Spa center makes sure that only the best spa services and hands massage are delivered to our customers. You will not find a better place to get a massage in Dubai. Entrust yourself to our skilled professionals and watch all the stress, tension, and pain go away.