Facial Massage in Dubai

AED 420 60 min

Have you ever felt your facial muscles grow tense after a hard work day? The thing is that our face reflects all the worries and anxiety we experience throughout our life. Often, all it needs is a good facial massage to relax, detox, and reduce stress. You may not take the soothing and relieving effect of a facial massage seriously enough. However, a massage session with a professional massage therapist can work pure miracles on sagging skin, turning it into a glowing and healthy condition, bringing your body and mind back to harmony. Your blood circulation improves as well, which is essential for healthy skin.

Albeit one can easily learn some basic facial therapy techniques and add them to the regular skincare routine on their own, it is much more beneficial for your well-being to have the treatment with a licensed massage therapist.

You may ask yourself, “Is there a decent place with a facial massage near me?” Luckily, for those who live or just visit Dubai, there is a chance to feel deep relaxation and try out several facial massages at Mirage Spa in Jumeirah, Dubai.

Every masseuse works perfectly with fingers and uses quality massage tools only. These include gua sha and facial rollers made of rose quartz to make the mind-body therapy utmostly pleasant.

Let us see what benefits you can get from the scalp, neck, and facial massage and what techniques are available in our European and Russian Massage Center and Spa in Jumeirah, Dubai.

Why is facial massage crucial for your skin?

Let us consider a few advantages a good massage session can bring along, be it an aromatic massage or wellness massage to relax your tight muscles or a hot-stone therapy massage to upbeat your lower-back muscles and relieve back pain or that in your elbow, and of course, a facial massage.

The blood-flow raise

Whether you have dry skin or any other skin type, you can turn it into glowing sight by gently massaging it regularly. While a masseuse is pinching, tapping, rubbing, and stretching the skin on the face with the fingers to improve the circulation of blood, your full body relaxes as well. It also helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles, eliminates toxins, rids you of aches and pains, and improves your circulatory system and body work. Detoxifying is arguably one of the most significant benefits of facial therapy.

It prevents and reduces acne

Peer-reviewed studies show that facial massage therapy directly affects the redemption of such skin issues as acne. Gentle pressure accompanied by coconut oil, argan oil, or any other oil that does not block pores results in a clean face with glowing skin. You will not need to use makeup to make your skin shine once you start massaging as a part of your regular skincare routine.

Youthful-looking skin

Gentle massage of your facial tissue with oils not only helps you to feel relaxed but also helps to reduce wrinkles and have youthful skin for over a decade further. You deserve this great facial massage, and you can get it at Mirage Spa and Massage in Jumeirah, Dubai.

Facial massage techniques at Mirage Wellness Spa

Choosing Mirage Spa for facial massage means relaxing and devoting time to your pure self, which then results in glowing, supple skin. Our therapists will gently pinch your cheeks, chin, and brows, then make some circular motions within your forehead and eye area and use warm water, serum, and essential oils. 

The two of the main techniques of face massage in Mirage Spa:

  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Anti-age healing massage

Let us have a closer look at these.

Lymphatic Drainage therapy

Lymphatic drainage is an extremely popular type of facial care in Dubai. This technique involves using serum, and it is great for those who struggle with acne and puffy eyes. Motions in this type of relaxation massage are quite slow, and each takes a few seconds. To awaken your lymphatic system and stimulate the lymph flow, massage therapists gently massage your face with all their fingers, causing a calming effect. They start from the nose and then move outward to stretch, tap and gently pinch the skin on your forehead, chin, and other parts of your face. The facial lymphatic drainage finishes with the outer corners of your face and ears. There is also lymphatic drainage for the whole body, which you can also try in Mirage.

Anti-aging therapy

Anti-age massage is another facial massage technique. It usually requires the use of serum, hydrating lotion, and moisturizer. This type presupposes quick motions, starting from the nose bridge and moving the fingers down to cover the entire face. It requires paying special attention to the eye area, forehead, brows, and frown lines. Typically, a therapist uses a forefinger, a middle finger, and a ring finger to perform horizontal strokes and only the thumbs to work on vertical strokes. Anti-aging massage also considers sweeping from the bottom lip to the jawline and moving fingers in a circular motion up the neck to prevent early wrinkles.

Myofascial release

There are two more types of massage in this massage center in Dubai. Myofascial release helps to ease tension in the connective-tissue surrounding different parts of your face. 

Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral therapy massage also considers affecting this tissue with the use of the forearm. 

Both these relaxing massage techniques help to relieve headaches, face muscle tension, and any other discomfort.

Best Facial Massage in Jumeirah, Dubai

If you are looking for a perfect massage place that offers great body and facial massages, consider Mirage, perhaps, the best spa in Jumeirah, Dubai. Every massage therapist here is qualified, skilled, and commitedly cares for every client. Only the best tools are used here to bring you the comfort, pleasure, and health improvement that you deserve.

Now, as you are familiar with all the benefits of massage therapy and the main techniques of aromatherapy massage, body, facial, and deep-tissue massage, you can contact Mirage, which is among the Best European Spas. You are welcome to choose your therapist and start your healing therapy here, in Jumeirah, Dubai.

Besides the aforementioned services, we offer our clients the best opportunities to enjoy European massage, aromatic oil massage, classic back massage, bamboo massage, sports massage providing relaxation to your face, hands, and feet, healing therapy massage, or the one done with hot stones! You pick one! 

Whatever special massage you choose for yourself, we will do it with utmost care and top-notch service at our massage spa center in Jumeirah.

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