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Nowadays, it is more popular to care about health conditions than, say, a decade ago. Fortunately, there are many ways you can do this in the modern world, starting with the usual medical treatment sessions provided at the hospital and ending with medical massage therapy at a luxurious spa center. You probably never thought that massage therapy could help improve your health as efficiently as other, more conventional methods. We in Mirage spa are there to prove it!

Many massage techniques exist today for different purposes: relaxation, treatment of injuries, muscle manipulations, and blood flow improvement, harmony achieving. Regardless of the purpose of massage therapy, it is one of the best ways to relieve tension and pain in your body and get rid of negative emotions. There are different types of massage available at spa centers today — sports massage, Thai massage, Swedish massage, trigger point massage, deep tissue therapy, and others. You should explore more info about them to make a choice and start your way to a healthy life with a massage.

Staying in Dubai, you have a great opportunity to help your body work better and relieve stress that can be damaging to your health condition and work efficiency by visiting our Mirage massage center in Jumeirah, Dubai. Learn more about massage therapy and its techniques, and choose the one suitable for you.

Massage Therapy Advantages

Professional massage therapy is in high demand today in many countries where people start to feel overwhelmed by constant discomfort and the pressure of big cities. However, not everyone really grasps the benefits of massage therapy and its amazing influence on one’s health. Of course, it affects every person individually, and it is better to get a recommendation from a therapist before coming to massage therapy. Nevertheless, it is one of the important tools to apply if you want to reach a balanced health condition and stimulate the work of your body.

Here are several valid reasons to start applying massage therapy:

  • Remove headaches — relaxing massage perfectly works to reduce the number of migraines and helps to prolong and improve sleep quality.
  • Relieve pain — healing massage can remove chronic pain and allow your body to feel young and fresh again;
  • Solve psychological problems — relaxation massage helps to achieve mind-body balance, remove anxiety, and reduce symptoms of apathy and depression;
  • Improves circulatory system — body therapy facilitates the work of the blood circulation system, eliminates toxins, and provides a hydrating effect.

You can achieve better results with constant work on your health, and wellness massage should be an element of your treatment. Our Mirage spa salon offers a variety of calming and relieving massage types in Dubai, including European massage and special massage approaches to healing your body and mind.

Mirage Therapeutic Massage Techniques

Different massage techniques should be applied to different parts of the body. Some massage techniques are supposed to reduce pain, while others help in the solution of more serious health problems such as sports injuries or improve the circulation of blood.

Massage therapists working in our Mirage spa can offer you the following types of massage.

Sports Massage

This form of massage can be used for relaxation of particular trigger points affected by the sport you do or for preparation of the body for special types of work. Also, sports massage is often applied to sportsmen who have stagnation as a result of incorrect work of deep and soft tissues.

Besides having repetitive injuries to some parts of the body, you should not let go of this situation and use sports massage services. Sports massage is the best way to find the reason for such pains and healthily fix them.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This massage technique is used for the improvement of the lymph fluids work and is applied with gentle pressure to the most problematic parts of the body. Lymphatic therapy allows us to increase the resistance of your immune system as lymph is responsible for the detox of an organism. Thus, your health will be more resistant to viruses and toxins that are coming inside the body from the environment.

It is highly recommended to apply detoxifying lymphatic drainage massage if you have had symptoms of the following diseases:

  • Liver problems;
  • Frequent infections;
  • Kidney problems;
  • Heart attacks;
  • Disruptions in the blood circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage

This type of therapeutic massage is applied to deeper layers of tissues in your body and is a part of trigger point therapy. Regular deep tissue massage can remove chronic back pain and headaches by pressure-point technique. Do not be afraid of the deep pressure applied during deep tissue massage sessions as it is a crucial element of the therapy itself that allows reaching connective tissue.

Deep finger pressure allows the therapist to find problematic zones in your body located in the deepest layers. Deep tissue therapy is one of the tools for the relaxation of tight muscles and bringing balance to your body.

A deep tissue massage session usually takes more than an hour and should be repeated regularly if you have chronic muscular problems and want to achieve a long-lasting effect.

Swedish Massage

It is a full-body massage therapy that involves vibration, slow strokes in the direction of the heart, tapping, working with joints, gliding, and other techniques. It is the best type of massage to feel relaxed and achieve mental and physical calm.

Swedish massage therapy is recommended to new people in this sphere as it is the best way to get a positive first impression about massage in general. Soothing strokes and light pressure used by therapists for this massage technique will relax your body, de-stress you, and improve the circulation of blood.

Hot Stone Massage

This therapy helps to promote relaxation of the whole body and mind. Massage therapists place hot stones at certain points of your body, including hands and feet, that experience the strongest muscle tension. Stone therapy can positively affect mood, reduce stress, and relieve muscle tension.

Aromatherapy Massage

With the combination of aromatic therapy and full body massage, you will get psychological relief, eliminate anxiety, and reduce stress. A massage therapist will use essential oils with the scent you like to facilitate the effect of a gentle massage of your shoulders, neck, and back.

Aromatherapy relaxes not only connective tissues but also the neuromuscular system as it provides a complex effect on the body. You should use this type of massage if you have symptoms of depression or apathy. During the oil massage session, you will be able to choose the scent of the essential oil. Often, lavender massage oil is applied as it provides a relaxing effect.

Couples Massage

You can choose any type of massage for this technique, and it will be applied to both you and your partner simultaneously. It can improve relations between you and your partner in addition to the health and emotional healing component of the massage.

An additional element of couples' massage is learning massage methods and applying them to one another. Such a session can be the best way to spend time together with your partner and build trustful relations.

Other Popular Massage Therapies

Among others, there also exist such popular massage therapy techniques as chair massage or Shiatsu massage, for instance. The first one does not require a massage therapist as the whole work is done by a specially designed chair. It usually affects the neck, arms, legs, and back and is perfectly suitable for deep relaxation and pain relief after a work day. Shiatsu focuses on particular parts of the body and is implemented by pulsing or rhythmic pressure. Masseuse uses thumbs and palms to pay attention to specific points during Shiatsu massage. This therapeutic massage is helpful for people who have back issues and sleep problems. According to statistics, back massage with the Shiatsu method promotes emotional and physical calm and improves overall well-being.

So, spa massage therapy provided by our salon in Dubai is an alternative medicine method that can raise your well-being to a higher level. A high-quality massage session controlled by a licensed massage therapist is a priceless experience for both your body and mind.

Mirage Massage Therapy Dubai

Searching for "massage therapy near me" in Dubai, you are welcome to visit our spa and request one of the massage types described above. Our Dubai massage center has been working for two years and has built an excellent reputation among clients. Massage therapists working in the massage center in Dubai have a huge experience in the therapeutic massage sphere and have obtained licenses for the provision of such services. Besides, we provide towels and other things that you may need during the massage session to make your stay at Mirage spa comfortable and stressless.

Mirage spa is the best spa in Dubai and offers more than ten different massage types, such as bamboo massage, relaxing massage, Loni Lomi, scalp, neck, and facial massage. At our European and Russian massage centers and spa in Dubai, you can be sure that a massage therapist will do everything possible to make you feel comfortable. Therapy massage is one of the crucial elements of complementary and alternative medicine. Thus, we recommend you refresh your body and solve problems with tight muscles, aches, and pains with massage therapy at our wellness spa.

There is no need to suffer from the constant lower back pain, headaches, anxiety, and stress anymore with the massage tools available for you at our spa center. By stimulating the work of your body, you will be able to achieve higher results in sports, jobs, or other activities that you like without pain.

Do not hesitate to contact our European and Russian spa in Dubai and get a consultation on the type of massage you are interested in. Regardless of the form of massage you choose, our specialists will provide you with high-quality services and offer the best massage in Dubai.