Swedish Massage

AED 420 60 min
AED 580 90 min

Swedish massage has rightfully received the status of a classic therapy, because it is suitable both for people who have decided to try massage therapy for the first time, and for experienced spa visitors. This massage therapy sets focus on deep relaxation and tension relief of the entire body as its main goal. Regardless of your health conditions, the massage therapist will select the best techniques that will provide the optimal level of pressure on the tissues, relax muscle tension and improve blood circulation.

There are many benefits of this therapeutic massage, let's consider some of them and learn about Swedish full body massage in general.

Swedish Relax Massage

If you want to get the best Swedish massage of your life, then our center can provide it for you! You can easily find any European and Russian massage center and spa in Dubai, however, we guarantee a relaxing massage of the highest level that will also gradually improve your well-being. A relaxation massage session lasting from 60 to 90 minutes will make you forget about tense muscles, reduce stress symptoms, and be an excellent pain treatment.

Features of Swedish massage

Many popular articles discuss how to choose your perfect type of massage. We will answer this question, and also tell you in which cases it is best to choose a Swedish massage as your option.

Swedish massage and deep tissue massage

Swedish massage comparison with deep tissue massage (and/or lymph drainage) occurs frequently. It should be noted that there are key differences between these massage therapies. Deep tissue massage pays special attention to the connective-tissue, the masseuse will use strong pressure to achieve the best results. Deep tissue massage uses a more aggressive effect on tight muscles, so a person may experience pain during the procedure. Of course, some clients do not even notice this, however, for people with a low pain threshold, such a massage is highly not recommended.

On the contrary, Swedish massage is suitable for all people without exception. It can soothe you, providing an extremely relaxing experience, loosen every muscle and help the skin stay taut. The therapist gently massages problem areas, controlling the level of pressure depending on the client's feelings. So if you want a more gentle massage experience, to start with something light and classic, then deep tissue massage is best left for later.

Choosing between Swedish massage and deep tissue massage, tell your therapist about any medical conditions you have, so he will select the technique that is right for you. Thus, you can achieve the best result and not worry about the massage choice yourself.

Swedish massage and aromatherapy massage

It may come as a surprise to you, but a Swedish massage can be an aromatic massage at the same time. Do not hesitate to discuss with your therapist the possibility of using essential oils before starting a session. Massage oil, such as lavender, will give you a relaxing and calming experience of rest from all problems and worries.

Oil massage is really hydrating and stimulating, and it is a great choice for your body therapy.

At the same time, you will get the same effect from the session as during the usual Swedish massage, as the therapist will gently massage your muscles with varying degrees of pressure.

Health benefits of Swedish massage

Massage therapists emphasize the numerous benefits of Swedish massage Dubai for the health of your whole body. Each person will be able to find what is necessary for him.

If you are suffering from sore muscles, our licensed massage therapist will select techniques aimed at reducing muscle tension and eliminating pain. Not a single muscle will be left without attention. Moreover, Swedish massage has a therapeutic effect: it can increase blood flow, improving blood circulation in general.

In addition to the physical benefits of massage therapy associated with relieving the symptoms of muscle tension, Swedish massage improves the nervous system and mental health.

Consider this type of massage if you want to:

  • Promote relaxation;
  • Release tension, relieve your pain;
  • Reduce symptoms of constant stress and fatigue, prevent headache;
  • Improve circulation and stimulate lymph;
  • Prevents any health problems in the future.

Swedish massage therapy techniques

Swedish massage techniques are very varied. Usually our therapists use palms, elbow, and forearm to achieve better results. A therapist chooses a special massage technique that suits best for each specific case.

They involve:

  • Gliding strokes;
  • Squeezing;
  • Kneading;
  • Tapping with hands, fingers.

What is more, Swedish massage involves long strokes, which relax muscles, focusing on soft tissues. The massage therapist will select those massage techniques that suit your requirements and goals, and he will also control the amount of pressure so that you feel comfortable throughout the session. There are also various massage tools that are available. Don't forget that you can ask your massage therapist to use the technique you like the most, such as kneading, for instance.

Swedish massage is a great way to relax muscles, achieve myofascial release, and provide treatment for problem areas, as well as improve skin condition due to proper blood circulation. There is a healthy mind in a healthy body, and our Swedish massage therapist will definitely help you achieve this state.

Other types of healing massage

There are numerous types of massage that you can get at our center. Finding a perfect massage center Dubai (or Russian spa Dubai in particular) can be pretty stressful, however, our therapy massage has no equal.

If you do not like to experiment and prefer well-known classics, then we can offer you a Russian massage Dubai or European massage, besides Swedish massage (Jumeirah) that you already know about. During them, the masseur will use rhythmic hand movements, kneading your body, including hands and feet. As a great bonus, you are going to receive a scalp, neck and facial massage as well.

Suffering from aches and pains and ready for great changes? You should definitely try our sports massage, which focuses on special pressure-point. This wellness massage will allow you to maintain your muscular system in perfect shape, achieve harmony, pain relief and mind body balance. The effect is quite similar to lymphatic drainage as it helps to relieve body and mind pain and stress.

Dubai massage is extremely diverse. At our center you can also receive craniosacral therapy. It is the best solution for your back pain as the therapist concentrates on chiropractic adjustments of your problem areas, including lower-back area (via back massage) and your spinal cord. This body work can also prevent neuromuscular disease in the future, so you should think about this option too.

For fans of exotic massage, bamboo massage and stone therapy with hot stones is ideal. Both these massages have a strong detoxifying effect. The techniques that are used by professionals at our wellness spa provide the improvement of the circulatory system and, as a consequence, detox you easily.

Do you want to come to the sessions with your relative, friend or loved one? Choose a couples massage! So you will have a great and useful time.

If you are looking for the best spa in Dubai, googling "Swedish massage near me", then our center is the perfect option for you, as it is the best European spa in Jumeirah.

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